Dream Kenya Safari

Saruni Rhino

Saruni Rhino is an exclusive and intimate camp located in Kenya’s wild North in Sera Community Conservancy, 839,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness, a little under 2 hours from Saruni Samburu lodge in nearby Kalama Conservancy.

Saruni Rhino is a 3-banda camp. A banda is a rustic stone cottage with a thatched roof and canvas roll down windows. All bandas have flushing toilets, hot & cold water and natural stone showers. Positioned along the dry river bed lined with doum palms with spectacular views of the nearby waterhole visited daily by an abundance of wildlife including the famous sand grouse spectacle. It is located a half hour’s drive from the community-owned & managed Sera Rhino Sanctuary, the first in East Africa where black rhino are tracked on foot.

Guided by Samburu warriors who are passionate about their land and their culture, learning first-hand about their fascinating customs and traditions and their ancient, local knowledge – a truly authentic experience. Being on safari with a Samburu professional guide means you will not only encounter more animals, but you’ll learn how to read the book of nature through their eyes. It’s the beginning of a friendship that, for many, lasts well beyond the duration of the safari making the combined experience truly exceptional.

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