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Sala’s Camp

Sala’s Camp first hosted guests in 2004 and has earned a distinguished reputation for delivering an authentic Masai Mara safari encounter, characterized by exceptional personalized service and exquisite dining experiences. Seamlessly blending the essence of a traditional ‘under canvas’ safari with contemporary comfort, including the luxury of private plunge pools and glass-fronted tents, Sala’s Camp beckons guests to an unforgettable and enchanting retreat in the heart of the Mara.

Nestled along the verdant banks of the Sand River in the southern reaches of the reserve, the camp is situated less than two kilometers from the Tanzanian border. This prime location affords Sala’s Camp an awe-inspiring vista of untamed wilderness and breathtaking views that extend into the Serengeti National Park. As a result, it stands as one of the first camps in the Mara to bear witness to the legendary annual wildebeest migration, which unfolds in thunderous splendor from June to September each year. With abundant wildlife year-round, Sala’s Camp ensures that its game drives are a perennial source of excitement and wonder.

Sala’s Camp, comprised of just seven tents, stands apart from the more crowded sectors of the Masai Mara, promising an intimate and exclusive safari adventure. It’s not uncommon for guests to enjoy game drives without encountering any other vehicles. The landscape is a visual delight, with lush river valleys to explore and rolling hillsides that provide sweeping panoramic views. As night falls, guests often have the privilege of listening to the resonant roars of the ‘Sala’s’ lion pride, residents of the area, accompanied by the captivating symphony of other nocturnal species.

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