Dream Kenya Safari

Angama Amboseli

An intimate lodge in the heart of Kimana Sanctuary, Kenya’s first community-owned conservancy, renowned for its lush landscape and remarkable density of wildlife — along with its famed backdrop, Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. Set within a Fever Tree forest where some of Africa’s last Super Tuskers roam — elephants with tusks so large they drag along the ground as they walk — Angama Amboseli is a gentle start or finish to any East African safari.

With just 10 Guest Suites in a private wildlife conservancy, Angama Amboseli is a respite from the world. A haven for the prolific elephant population in this ecosystem, get up close to the relaxed resident herds and their calves as they saunter through the Sanctuary just as you do. The rough texture found on the exterior of the buildings is also a gift from the elephants — their dung, mixed with concrete.

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